Live the life I desire

Recently I had a workshop on clearing the blocks to manifest your desires, and it’s been super helpful. One of the things lovely Kimberley told us to do was to picture what our life as we desire it to be. And afterwards, she said we could already start acting like the person we envisioned, you don’t have to wait for it. And ok, one of the things I envisioned was living in Australia, and that is 100% not realistic right now. However, being happy, eating healthy, the smaller aspects of the life I desire, I could already start doing.

So you might be thinking how do you start living the life you desire? Well, these are some of the things I’ve been doing and slowly but surely my life is changing.

Live the life I desire

Clear your mind

The workshop I took part in was aimed at clearing your mind, the blocks, which were preventing you. This meant looking into your past, understanding if I had anything underlying that was blocking me. Simple guided meditation really helped clear my mind, set my headspace straight, which is key for when I wanted to start living the life I desire.

Act like you already live it

As I previously mentioned, this is one of my key takeaways from that workshop. Already acting like you live this life. So if you wish to be fit and healthy then start eating the nutritious food, start exercising, start shopping in the stores you’ll want to shop in. Just doing small changes will help you feel like you are on track to living that life. See how people you look up to live and make them slight changes, do they have a skincare routine, then create yourself a skincare routine and so on.

Stop the excuses

Be responsible for your life, what happens next is down to you. Excuses are what hold us back from achieving what we want, so ditch them. We end up making excuses for the little things, and it isn’t necessary. They prevent us from growing, doing things we really want to do and limit us. So as soon as you stop making the excuses you’ll be able to live the life you desire.

Say bye to toxic people

Slowly and surely I’m doing this. You don’t have to always say a complete bye to them, but even beginning with distancing yourself, you’ll start seeing yourself flourish. You can expect to live the life you want if you are being brought down by negative people. Surrounding yourself with positive people who always want the best for you will only better yourself and help you grow as a person.

I hope you find this post helpful! It is hard, but I know someday I will live the life I desire. I would also recommend making a vision board that you can look at multiple times a day so you can remember why you are making these changes and what the end goal will be!

Do you have any tips on living the life you desire?