Life Update

I’ll be honest, blogging isn’t my favourite thing right now. I’m so out of the blogging world, that I sometimes feel I can’t get back into it.

So this post is going to be real. Talking about why I left blogging, what I’ve been up to and the future!


I’ve been sat here for the past couple days trying to write posts. Being confused about what to write and how to write it. And I just thought why not be real with you, about it all. I’m also going to try and switch things up, not content necessarily because I still love wellbeing, health, food and a dash of beauty. Buttt I mean how I write, how I photograph, how I enjoy blogging. Before I was so strict on making everything perfect, stressing about what I’m putting out and stuff.

But it isn’t that big of a deal. This is my little blog. I’m not writing for Vogue or Women’s Health. It is just me over here writing for whoever might stumble across it. &&& therefore I’m not going to stress as much anymore, of course, I’ll still love everything I put out and be proud of it, I wouldn’t want to do it otherwise. But I’m just going to remove the pressure.


So why did I stop?

Well, put it straight, university. I got so busy, I was in my final year with about 20,000 words to write and 3 exams to prepare for whilsttt preparing for interviews for my new job! So I couldn’t find time for blogging. I probably could’ve, but I would’ve been overworked and stressed. So I just took a step back and didn’t plan really when I would come back. I tried to ‘come back’ but I wasn’t ready.

What have I been up to?

Well as I just said, uni, but also scoring myself a job. On the 4th June, I’ll be entering the world of marketing, my dream career. And from stepping out of university studying marketing into my dream career is a blessing. So many graduates do not get this opportunity or luck. But I have and I’m so bloody proud of myself. I’ve got to admit preparing and doing the interviews were stressful, but the stress was worth it.

I’m currently finished with university and am having a 2-week break until I start my job. So far I’ve been moving into my new apartment.

Yes, I moved, into an apartment with my boyfriend! 

At some point, you can expect to see something related to this, but I still have so much more to do decor wise so be patient, but it’s so lovely and modern! 🙂

What can you expect?

I always intended to get back into blogging in these 2 weeks, and so today is the day. I’ll be planning and preparing what I’ll post and figure out how I will blog whilst having a full-time job. But I won’t be putting any pressure on myself and having to have a break like I’ve done before. If I cant post one week, cool, I’ll just do as much as I can handle!

So just keep an eye out on my blog and socials. I’m going to try and post a bit more on insta, seeing as I love the visual aspect of it. & again will remove the pressure from it.

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