Getting back into fitness with Women’s Health

Now I’m finished with university and have a structured schedule for the foreseeable future I thought it was the best time to get back into fitness. Throughout university, I have been going to the gym or working out at home. But the past couple months have seen me push it to the back. Which you might have gathered from my life update post. I always find it hard to get back into fitness but I was asked to review Women’s Health* and what a perfect chance to find motivation and inspiration again. I’ve always been a lover of this magazine, picking it up whenever I spot something intriguing on the cover. And especially with exclusive workout guides that come with the magazine such as the one by Carly Rowena. You really get your money’s worth!

women's health magazine


Women’s Health is written by gurus, entrepreneurs, experts and more. All enriched with knowledge from nutrition to wellbeing. I really do find it to be such a motivating magazine to pick up whenever I need to get back into the right mindset. The Eat Smart section is one of my favourites! It not only contains delicious recipes but also gives opinions on the latest diet trend and helpful tips about food. Eat Smart has been a life saver for educating me on nutrition which I’m clueless about. I would defo choose a pizza over a salad any day. 

women's health magazine

I’ve just joined up with a gym again since my move and am trying to ease myself back into fitness. Jumping straight back into what you used to do or what others do isn’t always the best. So I was excited to see that within next months (June) issue there is a ’28 Days To Fit’ feature. Which girlll this is exactly what I need! Everyday lists out what exercises you should do, with rest days specified too. And if you need a structured plan, to be told what to do, then this is what you need.

women's health magazine

Just flicking through Women’s Health*, I’ve found so many different workouts I can do! This not only is inspiring me to stick with it but I also won’t go in not knowing what to do anymore. If you’re a lover of Alice Living like I am ~ I wish I had her motivation ~ then you’ll also love the chance to read her secrets and workouts in June’s issue!

You can grab yourself Women’s Health at and get your motivation back too! They always have money off and amazing offers, and as I mention it is defo worth the money for all the extra guides you can get and then bring to the gym :)))

The product mentioned in this post were gifted to me. However, all opinions are my own.