How to fit self-care into a busy schedule

We love using ‘I’m busy’ as an excuse to not do anything for ourselves. You might be working a 9-5, studying for a degree, or juggling 4 kids. But that’s not an excuse to squeeze in some self-care into your daily life. No matter what you say, we have time. You can’t really believe you spend all of the time you are awake and being productive, actually being productive, do you? If you are – props to you. But, the majority of us aren’t.

And self-care is so important. It helps us slow down, heal, improve our mindset. But it doesn’t have to be a complete spa weekend, a beach holiday or getting your hair done. It could just be some simple acts of kindness and love to yourself. So, you might be thinking… how can I fit it in?

How to fit self-care into a busy schedule
Schedule it in

We like to schedule appointments with the doctor, meetings, coffee, exercise, even date nights. So why not schedule some self-care time? It doesn’t have to be a massive block of time, even just 10 minutes to start with. Just put it into your daily schedule, and it can be flexible. If you had an emergency come up, then shift the self-care to later, but actually pen it in later, don’t just keep it as a mental note.

Go outside on your lunch break

Ok, it’s snowing in England so maybe don’t stick to this tip just yet… But, if you work in an office, stuck indoors all work day. Step outside, go for a walk on your lunch, breathe in the fresh air, and relax in the sun. Maybe even find a yoga class that’s short, 30 minutes, and fit that into your lunch break. This will help you relieve any stress the morning might have brought on, and set you up for a productive afternoon.

Recharge when your devices do

We all know we shouldn’t be charging our devices overnight – it annoyingly kills the battery. So why not in the evening pop your devices on charge and dedicate that time for a bath, a book and a face mask? The time it takes for your battery to reach 100% you’ll feel amazing, de-stressed and ready for the following day. Or at work, don’t keep your laptop plugged in, once it’s low, plug it in, go into the kitchen and make yourself a cuppa. Even treat yourself to a biscuit. Spend a bit of time, just treating yourself to a mini break.

Buddy up

You might be thinking self-care means just me, right? But no, if you are finding it difficult to fit in this time, grab a friend to keep you accountable. Going to the yoga class together, you won’t be interacting with your friend, you’ll still be practising self-care, but you’ll have someone who will come with you, make sure you are fitting in this time. Even if it’s your partner when you get home, you both set aside 20-30 minutes to read a book or pamper yourself – separately, and you both do it at the same time so you won’t distract each other.

Appreciate yourself

You don’t always need to pamper yourself to fit in self-care, just praising yourself can do the trick. I always complete one task after another, not ever thinking to congratulate myself on completing what I set out to do. But once each task is done, give yourself thanks, just a mental ‘well done’ or ‘you go girl’ will give you that encouragement to keep on going with the day.

So next time, don’t think fitting in self-care isn’t achievable. You don’t need to fit in massive pamper days or holidays – although they would be nice. These little tasks are completely doable, and will definitely improve your busy days!

How do you fit self-care into your busy schedule?