About Me


Hi everyone! I’m Lily, the girl behind The Wellbeing Edit. I currently study marketing at university but soon to be a graduate. Like literally in a matter of months!

I love everything wellbeing, eating healthy, working out, meditating, organising. Just love it all. And that’s why I’ve made a blog dedicated to it all. You’ll also find a bit of skincare and makeup on here too because I also love playing about with them.

A couple of fun facts about me are that I love gaming, and watching streams of people playing games. Honestly, could spend hours watching and playing… I also really enjoy Japanese food, gimme a katsu curry and I’ll be so happy. Oh and if you ever want to know my go-to McDonald’s breakfast order. It is a sausage and cheese bagel meal with an orange juice, and a pot of syrup so I can dunk my bagel and hashbrown into it. But don’t blame me for ordering such an unhealthy meal. It’s so delicious but also so gross at the same time.

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