6 ways to stay inspired

Do you ever get sudden bursts of motivation and inspiration? I get them all the time. One minute I would want to lay in bed, the next I’m cleaning my room top to bottom. Sometimes I have no idea why I feel inspired, but I just do. But trying to keep that feeling is so difficult, but there are a couple things you can do to stay inspired.

1 // Read

This is something I need to improve on. Everyone knows how beneficial reading is for you, it helps stimulate the mind, but also can help you stay inspired. And ok, maybe you’ll find some inspiration in your basic book, but I mean motivational, self-development, health/fitness, a book that will provide and enhance your knowledge. A top tip is to have one with you wherever you go, then when you have some downtime you can read and make you feel inspired.

2 // Gratitude

You can’t feel down when expressing gratitude. And if you find you always lack inspiration in the morning, then as soon as you wake up state 5-10 things you are grateful for. This promotes happiness, creates good vibes and eventually leads to you feeling inspired.

3 // Plan

Either the night before, on a Sunday night, or as soon as you wake up, write your to-do list. Even if it is just 3 things you want to achieve for that day, write them down. I even put basic tasks such as make bed, tidy room, check emails and water plants on my lists. The more you tick off the more you feel accomplished and this will lead to you feeling more inspired.

6 ways to stay inspired

4 // Exercise

You might be trying to stay inspired to exercise, but the actual act of moving your body, getting sweaty and feeling the endorphins helps relieve stress and improves motivation incredibly. I always feel like I conquer any tasks after a workout (unless it was really extreme, then I just wanna sleep).

5 // Vision

Knowing why you are doing something helps you keep that inspiration. If you are on a fitness journey, learning a new language, reaching for a new job, and you have started lacking your inspiration. Go back to the mindmap, think about why you want to achieve that. Put together a dream board, the life you want to have, and the willingness will come. You’ll be inspired once your vision is clear again.

6 // Competiton

Ok, this has to be healthy competition firstly. And this could be competing with others, yourself, a bonus, a promotion, the list is endless. Being inspired to achieve something either by improving yourself, getting the reward it helps prove you can push yourself.

I hope some of these tips help you stay inspired, I know it can be tough. Honestly, you can’t feel inspired all the time, it’d be amazing, it just isn’t possible. Just when you do feel it, take advantage of it! Be prepared with your to-do list and always wear your gym clothes for when you get the motivation to go and workout.


What are some of your favourite ways of staying inspired?