4 things to do on Sunday to improve your week

Monday mornings are dreaded by probably most people. Slowly they are becoming my favourite day, being able to have a fresh start and get everything organised and ready for the week. However, if you start your week of crap, unprepared and just down right on the wrong foot then you’ve set yourself up for failure. The only way you can truly prepare and improve your week is to get some of the stuff ready on Sunday.

Sundays are a great lazy day, I usually spend them doing some chores around the house and meal prepping. But I’ve also now started seeing them as the day which helps fully prepared me for the next week. If you can start organising yourself on Sunday, it will really help you improve your week. And trust me I used to be that person who didn’t go to sleep until 2 am because I was binge watching some series on Netflix, ending up snoozing my alarm and running late for class. But I never felt good living this way, I 100% prefer how I’m living my life right now compared to them ~ even though honestly, this does occur every now and then still. But I thought I’d share with you 4 things that I do on Sunday to improve my week…

4 things to do on Sunday to improve your week

Meal prep – even just for the next day

I really do believe in meal prepping can help you out massively. I only ever prepare for the next day, I’m not one of them slaving away in the kitchen for hours preparing for the whole week. But if you’re down for that – do you! But it honestly isn’t hard, make extra portions at dinner for lunch, prep some overnight oats for breakfast, get your snacks ready for the morning. These little things will save you so much time, and you’ll end up eating healthier because you won’t be popping to the shop to grab a quick lunch or dinner and it being full of sugar and junk.

Tidy up – tidy space = a tidy mind

This could mean a full on clean of the whole house if you want to, but you could just do a quick 10 minute clean of your place. Tidy up your desk, wipe down the counters, fold away your clean clothes. If you spot some mess then tidy it up, your mindset will feel much clearer because of it. There’s nothing worse than waking up early on a Monday, dreading the week and as soon as you open your eyes all you see is the mess. So, clear it away the night before and you’ll start your morning so much better!

Look at your planner

So many times, I have gone about my week completely forgetting about certain meetings or lunch dates I was meant to have. This could have been all prevented if I had checked my emails, popped them into my planner and actually looked at what was coming up that week. This is a great time to organise in your meetings, making sure you aren’t cramming in too much stuff, and never forget to add in some well needed TLC – wine with the girls, on brunch on Wednesday. Planning in your self-care is necessary not just the things we have to do. This is also a perfect time to create a to-do list for Monday, any tasks you’ll know you will have to get done as soon as you’re at work or school. Doing this on a Sunday will help you prioritise properly rather than on a manic Monday. 

Relax – trust me

Although I’m telling you to do this and do that, don’t forget to rest. Sundays are chill days, take it easy. But don’t take it too easy. If you are wanting to spend your day preparing for the week, move your weekend tasks to Saturday. This will mean you haven’t chilled the whole weekend, and you won’t regret anything you could’ve got done on Monday. Start your Sunday with some well-needed self-care, a bit of yoga or meditation, catch up with a bestie over brunch or treat yourself to a well needed pamper session!

Start your week on the right foot with preparing on Sunday. These simple changes will help you not only improve your week but will give you a better mindset towards Mondays. I really hope this post helps you get a better start to your week, and hope you have a productive Sunday!

What’s your go-to Sunday tasks to improve your week? Share your best tips in the comments!