3 reasons to meditate daily

I never used to believe the benefits of meditation, I genuinely thought you had to be at some sort of inner peace with yourself, love everything green, and be a kind-of hippy to meditate. But boy I was wrong. Recently I’ve been doing very light-hearted meditation, also experienced guided meditation which was wonderful. And if you’re like me, a beginner to the world of meditation, don’t worry about not being religious or spiritual, you can 100% practice and receive all the benefits!

Why meditate?

For thousands of years, people have meditated. It’s allowed them to connect them to their inner self, blocking outside thoughts and letting them experience the peace of the present moment.

The core of meditation is the cultivation of mindful awareness and expanded consciousness.

Scientific studies have proved that the positive impact that meditating has on one’s self. Not only improving your happiness but your overall value of life. There are various reasons why someone might begin meditating, the doctor requested them to due to stress, sleep or health issues. Or they might just be seeking negative thought relief through the practice of meditation. Whatever reason why you might start meditation, if you meditate daily you will receive the intense benefits, some of which I will expand on…

3 reasons to meditate daily
1 // Become more productive

Meditating in the morning is one of the best things you can do as it sets you up for the rest of the day. Literally, even a 10-minute meditation will help you feel connected and want to accomplish the day. The tasks becoming easier, you can prioritise efficiently and know what you should be doing for that day. Annoyingly sometimes when I meditate in the evening, I know what I should’ve done for that day to have made it a success. However, it informs me of how I should spend the next day to be productive.

2 // Choose how you feel

If you stress a lot, feel anxious and unhappy then meditation will really help. It helps us understand these negative thoughts are not related to us because you gain a better awareness of your mind. Meditation puts our bodies into a relation response allowing the opposite to occur when you are stressed. This means you can feel more present. You don’t dwell on your current thoughts and you can just let them pass without phasing you. It has also said that this response eases anxiety.

3 // Sleep better

As I previously mentioned, doctors even recommend meditation to aid in better sleep. And someone who used to personally suffer from sleeping issues, I can vouch that meditation has allowed me to fall asleep easier and lead to well-rested night’s sleep.

How do I meditate?

If you are an over thinker, then I would definitely recommend apps and not jumping straight into it as you’ll find it odd, to begin with.

Headspace can really help you get into meditation, especially daily. They help you get into the right mindset ready to tap into your inner thoughts and feelings.

YouTube can help you experiment with varying types of meditation, and they have some wonderful meditations suited for sleeping on there!

Do you currently meditate daily? Or are you thinking about it? Let me know in the comments below!